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Product introduction and precautions of flap discs

Product introduction of flap discs:
The flap disc is composed of matrix mesh, nylon, plastic and several abrasive cloth blades through glue. As an old brand of industrial consumables , flap disc has a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in household DIY, shipbuilding, aviation, automobile, machinery, instrument, bridge, construction, furniture and other industries for rust removal, paint removal, deburring, weld grinding and other purposes.

During the polishing process, the flap disc is consumed synchronously by sand and cloth, so as to realize efficient polishing. Compared with the traditional grinding wheel, the flap disc has many advantages, such as good elasticity, high efficiency, fast heat dissipation and low noise. In application, it can adapt to cutting and grinding treatment with different strength, has the characteristics of heat resistance and wear resistance, and can adapt to large-scale equipment grinding and polishing.

With the continuous improvement of abrasives, through the addition of calcined abrasives, the flap disc has the characteristics of sharp edges and corners, uniform particle shape, high strength, good self sharpening, relatively low grinding heat, high adhesion to abrasive cloth, low desanding rate, improved abrasive cloth strength, small expansion coefficient, high toughness and good uniformity, so as to improve the accuracy and effect of grinding. Its durability is more than 40% higher than that of ordinary brown corundum flap disc.

Although the flap disc has many advantages, we should pay attention to the correct operation mode in the process of use.

1. Protect and check whether the flap disc is stable before use.
2. Wear protective goggles and protective clothing.
3. The grinding direction should not point to others and yourself.
4.  Due to the characteristics of flap disc, the best inclination angle should be 30 to 40 degrees.
5.  Note that the maximum speed of flap disc and angle grinder shall be consistent with the speed of angle grinder.
6. When using, apply force evenly, not too hard, so as to avoid potential safety hazards caused by broken flap discs.

Product introduction and precautions of flap discs1
Product introduction and precautions of flap discs2
Product introduction and precautions of flap discs3
Product introduction and precautions of flap discs4

Post time: Apr-29-2022