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Product introduction and precautions of resin cutting discs

Resin cutting disc is widely used in our work and life because of its excellent performance, wide applicability and cheap price. Today, we will introduce the resin cutting disc and precautions for use.

Resin cutting disc is made of resin as binder, glass fiber as frame, combined with a variety of auxiliary materials, and then added with sand (such as brown corundum, white corundum, single crystal corundum, etc.).After mixing, molding, baking and other processes, it is finally formed. For carbon steel, stone, stainless steel, alloy steel and other difficult cutting materials, the cutting performance is remarkable.

The two factors that have the greatest influence on the resin cutting discs are sand and resin.

The resin cutting discs made of different materials can deal with different cutting materials. For example, the resin cutting disc based on brown corundum sand is suitable for cutting ordinary metals, and the resin cutting disc based on white corundum sand is suitable for cutting stone, etc. Through the mixing of different sand materials, a single cutting disc can cut a variety of materials. You can find the mark of which material the cutting disc is suitable for cutting on the cutting disc’s trademark.

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The influence of resin selection on the performance of resin cutting disc is as following:
1. Choose the resin with high bond strength : The cutting dis will have good resistance and long service life. It is able to bear large load but it is easy to block and burn the workpiece.
2. Choose the resin with weak bond strength:The product has good self sharpening and high efficiency, low heating, not easy to block, but the service life is short.
3. Finally, I would like to remind you that the resin cutting disc is a cutting tool. For the sake of safety, please pay attention to the following matters when using it:
① Wear the protective glasses, mask, earplugs, gloves and other protective articles.
② Select the matching cutting machine, check the safety cover and equip with the correct flange. Do not exceed the maximum speed.
③ Before using, confirm that the product is free of cracks, deformation and other defects.
④ It is recommended to idle for one minute after getting on the machine, and then use it after confirming that there is no abnormality.
⑤ Fix the workpiece to be cut. Apply even force when cutting. It is strictly prohibited to collide with workpieces violently.
⑥ The side cannot be used for grinding.
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Post time: Apr-29-2022