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The third factory of ORIENTCRAFT ABRASIVES is about to be completed

In recent years, Lianyungang Orientcraft Abrasives Co., LTD has strengthened product quality management while vigorously improving productivity, providing customers with better products and better services. With the improvement of the competitiveness of the products, the scale of the company is also expanding rapidly. Now No. 1 and No. 2 factories can no longer meet the company's further development, so the company started to build a new one(No. 3) 3 kilometers away from the No. 2 in May 2021,which will be completed and put into use in May 2022.

No. 3 is located at the junction of xianxiashan road and Yanjiang Road, Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. Covering an area of 20000 ㎡, it has four double-storey plants and one three-storey office building, with a total construction area of 2050 ㎡. The new factory will focus on the production of cutting discs, abrasive belts and product quality inspection center, and an automatic chemical plant dominated by mechanized production, equipped with advanced quality testing equipments, standardized and efficient warehousing and logistics services.

In May, the resin cutting disc workshop of the new factory will have 10 cutting disc automates, 12 ovens and 35 workers, with an annual productivity of 18 million resin cutting discs. Our resin cutting discs are exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and other regions, recognized by the broad markets. With the continuous strengthening of the factory's product development, the X series resin cutting discs independently developed and produced by us have been highly praised by many foreign customers.

The belt workshop will have 3 cutting machines, 6 edging machines, 4 presses and 15 workers, with an annual productivity of 8 million belts. The company's brand orientcraft abrasive belt has always enjoyed a good reputation in the Eastern European market. Our products have been imitated and never been surpassed in the market.

While continuously improving productivity, the factory has always paid attention to product quality control. The factory has comprehensive product testing equipments, and there is no omission from performance to safety. At first, we purchased quality inspection equipments, but now we can independently develop quality inspection equipments. We are committed to building the quality inspection center of No. 3 factory into the most advanced and comprehensive abrasive tool laboratory in China.

The completion of No. 3 factory will greatly promote the development of the company, enable us to provide customers with more and better products, and provide faster and more comprehensive service guarantee! Look forward to the new debut of No. 3 factory and cooperating with you!


Post time: Apr-29-2022