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High performance cutting disc

Short Description:


Extra – thin disc


High speed cutting

Lower heat output

Incomparable durability

Less wastage of raw material

Easily control and comfortable cut

Excellent sharpness and availability

Reduce the consumer of the energy

Excel in grain retention and fray resistance

Size(mm)Dia x Depth x Hole: 115×1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6×22.23, 125×1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6×22.23, 180×1.6×22.23, 230×1.8×22.23 

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FEATURESL: Permanently sharp, when high-Performance is required.
Self-sharpening cutting and grinding tools for longer lifetime in the toughest conditions, Size(mm)Dia x Depth x Hole: 105x1.2x16, 115x1.0x22.23, 125x1.0x22.23

Monkey King

▪ Shorter working times thanks to a high stock removal performance
▪ Less physical effort through permanently sharp cutting edges
▪ Longer lifetime through an ideally matched bond
▪ Shorter set-up time through a longer lifetime
Size(mm)Dia x Depth x Hole: 105x1.2x16, 115x1.0x22.23, 125x1.0x22.23


Art no.200.511
APPLICATION: Metal, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Stone, PVC, Tiles.
EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL: Minimum costs per cut
Size(mm)Dia x Depth x Hole: 115x1.0x22.23, 125x1.0x22.23


Art no.200.CGF
FEATURES: It combines three operations in one product-Cutting, Grinding and Finishing. Run the grinding according to the highest possible speed marked on the wheel. Higher power and speed of the grinder, higher efficiency. Made of special sharp abrasive materials.
Long service life.
High security and universal application.
Size(mm)Dia x Depth x Hole: 100x2.2x16, 115x2.2x22.23, 125x2.5x22.23

Extended +30% Performance
Art no.200.S30
APPLICATION: Stainless steel & Metal.
EXTREMELY POWERFUL: 30% higher efficiency
EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL: Minimum costs per cut
Size(mm)Dia x Depth x Hole: 105x1.2x16, 115x1.2 / 1.6x22.23,125x1.2 / 1.6x22.23, 150x1.6x22.23, 180x1.6x22.23, 230x1.6 / 1.9x22.23

High performance cutting disc6
High performance cutting disc
High performance cutting dis3
High performance cutting disc1
High performance cutting disc2
High performance cutting disc4
High performance cutting disc3
High performance cutting disc5

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