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Type 41 Fibreglass Reinforced Flat Cut-off Wheel

Short Description:

Art no.200.00

Operation symbol

The products of this series are suitable for cutting and fluting stainless steel rubes, steel plates, walled tubes.

Key points for best results.

Hold your right angle grinder at 90°for cutting or fluting.

Run the cut-off wheel according to the highest possible speed marked on the wheel.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Choose the abrasive grain as follow

a) A—for general metal.
b) ZA or WA—for stainless steel.
c) C or GC—for non metal, stone etc.


Made of special sharp abrasive material.
Owning long service life and high performance.
High security and universal application.

Max Speed
Metal Stone Stainless steel
⭐100x1.0/1.2x16 15300 Art no.200.001 Art no.200.101 Art no.200.201
100x1.6x16 15300 Art no.200.002 Art no.200.102 Art no.200.202
100x2.0x16 15300 Art no.200.003 Art no.200.103 Art no.200.203
100x2.5x16 15300 Art no.200.004 Art no.200.104 Art no.200.204
100x3.0x16 15300 Art no.200.005 Art no.200.105 Art no.200.205
115x0.8x22.23 13300 Art no.200.006 Art no.200.106 Art no.200.206
115x1.0x22.23 13300 Art no.200.007 Art no.200.107 Art no.200.207
115x1.6x22.23 13300 Art no.200.008 Art no.200.108 Art no.200.208
115x2.0x22.23 13300 Art no.200.009 Art no.200.109 Art no.200.209
115x2.5x22.23 13300 Art no.200.010 Art no.200.110 Art no.200.210
115x3.0x22.23 13300 Art no.200.011 Art no.200.111 Art no.200.211
125x0.8x22.23 12250 Art no.200.012 Art no.200.112 Art no.200.212
125x1.0x22.23 12250 Art no.200.013 Art no.200.113 Art no.200.213
125x1.6x22.23 12250 Art no.200.014 Art no.200.114 Art no.200.214
125x2.0x22.23 12250 Art no.200.015 Art no.200.115 Art no.200.215
125x2.5x22.23 12250 Art no.200.016 Art no.200.116 Art no.200.216
125x3.0x22.23 12250 Art no.200.017 Art no.200.117 Art no.200.217
150x1.6x22.23 10200 Art no.200.019 Art no.200.119 Art no.200.219
150x2.0x22.23 10200 Art no.200.020 Art no.200.120 Art no.200.220
150x2.5x22.23 10200 Art no.200.021 Art no.200.121 Art no.200.221
150x3.0x22.23 10200 Art no.200.022 Art no.200.122 Art no.200.222
180x1.6x22.23 8500 Art no.200.024 Art no.200.124 Art no.200.224
180x1.8x22.23 8500 Art no.200.025 Art no.200.125 Art no.200.225
180x2.0x22.23 8500 Art no.200.026 Art no.200.126 Art no.200.226
180x2.5x22.23 8500 Art no.200.027 Art no.200.127 Art no.200.227
180x3.0x22.23 8500 Art no.200.028 Art no.200.128 Art no.200.228
230x1.6x22.23 6650 Art no.200.030 Art no.200.130 Art no.200.230
230x2.0x22.23 6650 Art no.200.031 Art no.200.131 Art no.200.231
230x2.5x22.23 6650 Art no.200.032 Art no.200.132 Art no.200.232
230x3.0x22.23 6650 Art no.200.033 Art no.200.133 Art no.200.233
300x3.0x25.4 5100 Art no.200.034 Art no.200.134 Art no.200.234
⭐350x3.0x25.4 4400 Art no.200.035 Art no.200.135 Art no.200.235
400x3.0x25.4 3850 Art no.200.036 Art no.200.136 Art no.200.236
300x3.5x25.4 5100 Art no.200.037 Art no.200.137 Art no.200.237
350x3.5x25.4 4400 Art no.200.038 Art no.200.138 Art no.200.238
⭐400x3.5x25.4 3850 Art no.200.039 Art no.200.139 Art no.200.239
300x4.0x25.4 5100 Art no.200.040 Art no.200.140 Art no.200.240
350x4.0x25.4 4400 Art no.200.041 Art no.200.141 Art no.200.241
⭐400x4.0x25.4 3850 Art no.200.042 Art no.200.142 Art no.200.242
300x3.0x30 5100 Art no.200.043 Art no.200.143 Art no.200.243
350x3.0x32 4400 Art no.200.044 Art no.200.144 Art no.200.244
400x3.0x32 3850 Art no.200.045 Art no.200.045 Art no.200.245
300x3.5x32 5100 Art no.200.046 Art no.200.046 Art no.200.246
350x3.5x32 4400 Art no.200.047 Art no.200.047 Art no.200.247
400x3.5x32 3850 Art no.200.048 Art no.200.048 Art no.200.248
300x4.0x32 5100 Art no.200.049 Art no.200.049 Art no.200.249
350x4.0x32 4400 Art no.200.050 Art no.200.050 Art no.200.250
400x4.0x32 3850 Art no.200.051 Art no.200.051 Art no.200.251

⭐Popular size in China market

Type 41 Fibreglass Reinforced Flat Cut-off Wheel8
Type 41 Fibreglass Reinforced Flat Cut-off Wheel2
Type 41 Fibreglass Reinforced Flat Cut-off Wheel7
Type 41 Fibreglass Reinforced Flat Cut-off Wheel
Type 41 Fibreglass Reinforced Flat Cut-off Wheel1
Type 41 Fibreglass Reinforced Flat Cut-off Wheel6

Safety signs in use for cut-off wheel

Be stored in dry environment to keep from moisture;
Be gentle while fetching or putting down to avoid falling off or being hurt;
Check the rated revolution and make sure not exceed the maximum operating rate;
Shut off the power or compress the air while installing the abrasion wheel;
Do not take down the protective cover of the grinding equipment while grinding;
Keep the jop site in clean environment and in good order, to protect workman from being tripped by electric wires or gas pipes;
Fix the workpieces to be grinding, to prevent them from sliding and hurting workman;
Do not twist the flange too tightly while installing;
Spin without grinding anything for 30 seconds after start the equipment to check if there is any abnormal condition;
Wear earphone, mouth-muffle and safety glasses, and it is strictly forbidden to handle and grind the workpiece on the side of the cutting disc.

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